Thursday, March 17, 2011

weekend fun

I'm a week behind; here it is Friday and I am blogging about last weekend. Gabe & Christy came up and we spent the weekend lounging, swimming at the pool, eating and playing games - the usual stuff! I had to drag out both high chairs since we moved the dining room table into the family with carpet. Can't wait to get some wood floors in there! Brigitte and Spencer loved the deer. The deer kept coming right up to the window where they were and looked in at them. Spencer stood there and giggled at them. He is not walking yet but is awfully close. He will take a step or 2 and then realizes what he is doing and sit down. He is eating with utensils now and it is so cute, he can feed himself already! I think the deer entertained them even better than the little play kitchen. At one point Brigitte wanted to show Bambi her picture of Dora that she colored - it was too cute! Dan entertained Brigitte and Spencer for hours hiding under a blanket with them in a fort. At first Spencer wasn't sure if he liked it or not but he soon got into it. We're so glad they came up and entertained us for the weekend!

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