Wednesday, April 13, 2011

doo-dads menagerie

Yesterday was a really warm day and we decided to do some spring cleaning. We opened the doors and windows and didn't even build a fire until evening. It felt good to just work. Everything is soooo dusty. And I HATE dust - its right up there with spiders. First, we put in a new kitchen light (it was a pain and supposed to match the first one we installed last year but it doesn't - so now we have to find a new light that matches one of them and replace the other one - oh boy.) Then we brought in the extra tall ladder and Dan climbed up to vacuum the shelves and wash the high windows and ceiling fan. What a mess! Then we made a million trips up and down the ladder to set things on the shelves. I know I will be cursing myself when we have to dust all these things in the future but it looks good today!

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Julia said...

Your home is beautiful! It's worth climbing up a ladder to clean :)