Saturday, April 2, 2011

more Spring Break FUN

Dan & Harold out on Friday with the man toys working in the yard.
It was so nice. I think Spring is here!

Harold is a man on a mission!
[he was trying to run us over]

Harold is in his element!

We went on a walk to get the mail and my mom breaks out in a jog!
She's in training to climb Mt. Timpanogos sometime this summer...

our driveway - gushing with a 3 foot gap of running water from the snow melting!
Dan will be working on this as soon as he can get some road mix delivered.
We can barely get in and out.

Dan got caught up in our 65 degree Spring day and hung up my baskets of flowers
I made him take them down the next day. Its too early!

Dan scooping up pine needles to burn and Harold sweeping them up. NICE!

some wild geese land in our yard for a few minutes

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