Sunday, April 10, 2011

spending time with family

We've had a crazy last few days and I haven't had time to blog. My mom has been here off and on and we have worked on digital scrapbooks/journals. I was able to help my mom get the last few years into a book. It was so much FUN! Can't wait to see it in print!

Mom and Harold went to Portland for a few days to see Stan who had another stroke. He's doing a little better now and we hope he'll be able to recover enough to enjoy some things again. Stan's speech is getting better and he was able to go outside (with the help of a wheelchair) and enjoy the sunshine a little bit. Mom & Harold came back Thursday and left early Sat. morning.

We were able to work on our books and listen to General Conference. Some of the highlights were: we are getting a new temple in Meridian! we have 52,225 missionaries out! the church Welfare system is 75 years old and it was mentioned in many of the talks. President Monson talked about taking more opportunities to serve.

Harold helped Dan buzz up some firewood and then they were gone. I snapped this picture of them just before they left. Wish I looked this good at 7:00 am! While Mom & Harold were gone Dan & I went to Boise just for the day. We got some more white paint to finish the kitchen (pictures coming soon), made a Costco run and made a quick stop to squeeze the grandkids! Spencer is walking and is so CUTE! He's so adorable and good natured you just want to smother him with kisses. Such a sweet luvable boy! He loved Dan and laid his head on his shoulder and when I tried to take him he just hung on even tighter and laid back on Dan. It was too cute! Brigitte is definitely a Papa's girl. She just shrieks when she sees him and can't wait for him to play with her and when he stops, she yells, "again!' I didn't get any great shots but at least I remembered my camera this time!

posing at 7:00 am!

Spencer is walking!!!

Brigitte had a case of the wilds

holding still for a shot

don't squeeze the butters

Brigitte showing us her Easter bunny art project
that she and mommy made

Spencer showing off!

saying goodbye

Lila with her bike that we got her for Christmas

Caroline on the scooter that we got her for Christmas
it's finally warm enough that they can use them!

trying to get all three to smile at the same time.
It couldn't be done. They had friends there so they couldn't be bothered!

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