Wednesday, May 11, 2011

first of all - Happy Mother's Day to our Mothers!!! We love you!

I had a really wonderful Mother's Day weekend as well. I love my girls so much!!! I have the best daughters in the whole world! The girls and I decided that what we really wanted was to go out to dinner.

So on Saturday Dan and I went to a baptism at 10:00 here in Garden Valley and then we drove to Boise and had a nice dinner with our kids and grand kids. We missed Kallie though who had volunteered her time that day for a good cause - some charity marathon or something(?). We ate at Willow Creek Grill and RAW and I had 2 sushi rolls that I am still dreaming about. YUM! Tyler took a couple of pictures of us with his camera phone.

Then on Sunday after church we had 5 couples over to our house for dinner. We had a marvelous meal prepared by our husbands. Dan fried trout for us all and we had strawberry short cake for desert. A really wonderful weekend! I took pictures of all my beautiful flowers!

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