Wednesday, May 11, 2011

latest news

Yesterday we went to Boise for Dan to have his colonoscopy; something that he has put off for months but finally did. Not a lot of fun; let me tell you - I'm never having one! His results were very good though - not even a polyp so that is good. His dad had colon cancer so he will need to be screened every 5 years now.

Christy has been exposed to Fifths Disease and it is dangerous for pregnant women who have not had it. She is going in tomorrow to be tested so we pray that she has had it and everything will be fine.

Christy tells me that Donny and Marie are coming to a Boise Walmart for a CD signing on Friday. I really want to go but probably won't get there. I just love The Osmonds and would love to see them in person!!!

My back has gone out and I will go to the Chiro tomorrow and it will hopefully be fixed.

Oprah's 25 years on her TV talk show is coming to an end. Her last show is May 25th on Christy's Birthday!

Curtis got a new job and we are soooooo thankful and excited for him! We pray that is will be the beginning of great things for him :)

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stadia said...

all I can say on the colonoscopy is welcome to my world.

For the rest its good that things are going well.