Sunday, May 22, 2011

our week

I have a lot of pictures from our week in Boise! We enjoyed spending some time with the grand kids!!! We stayed with Jayna's girls while she went to CA to squeeze Tiffany's new baby girl and we had Brigitte come and stay with us there for 3 days. Gabe and Christy went to Seattle to celebrate their Anniversary and Christy's birthday and to buy a new car!

We took all the kids to Cabelas and I wish I had taken my camera. Spencer just loved watching the fish! The girls had a great time exploring all the tents and seeing the animals. We did loose Brigitte's baby (her little blanket) and had all the employees and random people looking all over the store for it. 40 minutes later we hear over the loud speaker,"will the family looking for the little blanket please come to the front of the store." They found it in the fudge shop on a shelf. We never would have found it. We had already looked in there twice!

We went out to eat at Chapalas and Pizzalchic - two places that have gluten free foods that Grace has been dying to go to. One afternoon Dan watched all the girls while I had an eye exam and got some new glasses so I can drive and watch TV. Its been a good run - my lasik lasted 11 years but now things are getting blurry again. I probably will get lasik again but for now this works.

Another afternoon I put Lila and Brigitte down for naps and I took Grace and Caroline shopping at Old Navy. Fun times! But on Saturday morning Brigitte and Spencer both woke up with Fifths Disease. They had both been exposed 10 days ago but Christy thought they had missed getting it. Its not a problem for anyone unless you are pregnant then it can cause some problems. I hope Christy doesn't get it.

We are back home and Curt and Kallie came to spend Sunday with us! They brought meals to make for us! We loved it!!! They did french dip sandwiches for one meal and the other was grilled steaks and chicken to perfection; with a wonderful Caesar salad, grilled asparagus and cherry tomatoes with parmesean cheese, grilled french bread and for dessert - Strawberry short cake with real whipped cream. YUM! still making my mouth water. We ate outside on the picnic table - our first for the summer. We taught Kallie how to play pinochle (we girls totally smoked the boys!) and ate Hershey's chocolate bars with Almonds while we played. It was AWESOME. Thanks for coming up!

(princesses can wear two different shoes!)

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