Wednesday, June 29, 2011

the last 2 weeks

for the last 2 weeks we have been in Boise staying with Jayna- helping out while she recuperates from her tonsillectomy and sinus surgery. She is doing really well. She has had some rough days but is now over the worst of it and feeling pretty good. She gets her splints out tomorrow so we'll see how that goes. Her Dr. gave her a RX for a Valium to take before her appointment so that should help! Christy helped out with meals and we so appreciate her wonderful skills in that area! She also seems to have a boundless supply of energy and everyday called to invite the kids somewhere fun. I left Dan to give Jayna her meds and take Rosie out to potty and I took the kids to get them out of the house. This outing was to Settlers Park in Meridian. It is wonderful! A great playground with a water park as well. The kids all had so much fun there. We took a picnic and ate on the grass. It was great! Spencer eventually warmed up to the idea but wasn't sure at first. The girls just ran wild - from one thing to the next. Caroline especially loved the Pirate Ship which dumped bucketfuls of water on the adventure seekers standing below it. Once I looked over and there she was with a bunch of grade school boys and she didn't even notice!

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