Monday, July 11, 2011

Horse Show!

Grace had a horse show on Saturday morning so we decided to stay in Boise after her birthday party and go to her horse show as well. It was in Nampa at the Idaho Center. We got there and found out is was outside. it was a hot sunny morning and there was limited shade but we found 2 chairs noone was using and dragged them over to the little shade tree and took turns sitting in them. Jayna luckily had brought some hats and water bottles. Grandma C. came with us and she was a little put out that there was no where to sit and we had to wait and wait and wait some more before it was Grace's turn. But it was worth the wait when Grace did a wonderful job and walked away with 2 first place ribbons!!! She was so excited! Grace is a natural - a real horse girl! She loves riding Patch. She did everything just perfect! The girls entertained themselves and the rest of us by torturing Papa with Lila's 'poison hand' and Caroline sneaking up on him and dumping water on him. We waited almost 3 hours before it was Grace's turn! I did not get a picture of Grace with her 2 big blue ribbons so I will have to get one later.

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