Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the good stuff

It has started - the hunt for our winter wood. Dan has been helping his Uncle Jim cut wood and he came home with this beautiful Ponderosa Pine. It's almost too pretty to burn up; big huge rounds. Today and tomorrow he is back up to the Lowman with 3 other guys from our Branch cutting more wood. As part of his calling he helps get wood for the Widows in the area. They need about 14 cords of wood. Walt and Dan have been working on the trailers and they are all in great shape to haul wood so let the fun begin. I have to say when I got up and put on my sweats (it is 38 degrees this morning) I silently cursed. On Sunday I saw some yellow leaves laying on the ground as we went into the church building, (again, I silently yelled at them), is Fall just around the corner? I can't cope.

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