Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I don't know how she does it

I really don't know how she (Jayna) does it! I think I'm pretty capable of taking care of 3 kids and 1 dog for 4 days but maybe I was wrong. Here's how it was supposed to go.....


and here's how it went:

Sunday, Day 1; It is morning and Tyler & Jayna have just left for their long drive to Jackson Hole, WY. The kids' schedule is on the fridge and the only thing we have to do this day is get to church by 1:00. As we were milling around I thought I smelled gas. Jayna had mentioned on their way out that they had to replace the water heater last week because of a leaky gas line. I thought maybe she put the idea in my head that was why I was smelling gas and of course Dan could not smell it. I have always smelled gas at their house since they moved in though. I just decided to call the gas company. They arrived in about an hour. Not bad for a Sunday morning. Sure enough, the gas man could smell it too and was getting readings as high as 20% so he went into the cellar and eventually isolated the problem. It was a cracked valve on the line that ran to the new addition they had been put in last summer. I knew I had been smelling gas all year but noone believed me. I knew I wasn't crazy - at least not all the way. The repairman had to turn off the gas to the stove which means no cooking, but I'm not complaining. McDonalds and Taco Bell are fine with me. My back has been out for a week and I plan to go to the Chiropractor 3 times while I'm here. I decided I could not go to church and sit for 3 hours, but manage to get the 3 girls ready and send them off with Dan. Sunday evening was nice we were just chillin in the back yard and the girls were playing with Rosie. Dan goes into the house and comes out with a shocked expression on his face. I say, "what?". He just motions inside the kitchen so I look inside the door and this is what I see....

I am completely shocked and panicked. Lila is standing there with a permanent marker saying, "I didn't do it." I had no idea how to take a permanent Sharpie marker off a painted surface so I googled it and came up with a list of remedies; hairspray, alcohol, toothpaste, WD-40, etc. After looking at the list I tried a bleach cleaner and alcohol which did NOTHING! I then grabbed our Colgate toothpaste and started rubbing and it started to come off. Grace, Caroline and I were rubbing toothpaste everywhere, but it is coming off so we keep scrubbing until it is all off. Of course, by this time I am sitting on the kitchen floor and my back is so out all I can do is crawl over to the couch and climb on it and lay in pain, but I don't care because the marker all came off!

Monday, Day 2
We all get up at 7:00. I get the girls dressed, feed them breakfast, pack Grace a gluten free lunch and Dan drives Grace and Caroline to school at 8:00. I take Lila with me to the Chiropractor - it's sweet relief! Christy also comes to the Chiropractor and then we decide to go to Tuesday Morning to shop and let Lila and Brigitte play together for awhile. They run around the store killing imaginary spiders. We can hear them yelling, "kill the spider, kill it!" from all over the store but we pretend we don't know them. Dan picks Caroline up at school at 11:30 and had just gotten back home when the school called our cell phone (thank goodness they had our number!) and said that Grace was sick. So he turned around and went back to school to pick up Grace (without her carseat since I had them in my car). Dan gave Grace a pop to drink and soon she was feeling better. Later I take both Caroline and Grace to Piano lessons. So glad they are learning to play!
Later we eat sandwiches and go to the park to let the kids and Rosie run off some energy. The Heating and Cooling repairman had made it out and did fix the valve so the stove was turned back on but it was so hot and my back was still hurting so we did sandwiches. Then it was time for baths and bed.

Tuesday, Day 3
Today we got up at 7:30 (see I already got more efficient - made Grace's lunch the night before), Dan took Grace and Caroline to school and I took Lila to school - clear across town and much to my dismay - I had no idea where I was going. I couldn't remember where her preschool was. I had taken Caroline there 2 years ago but couln't remember the name of the street. But when I got there I saw it and remembered and drove right to it. I also got to see the 'Castle" house on Warm Springs. I want to move in!!! I also see where East Jr. High used to be and is now the Donna Larsen Sports Park. I drive around our old neighborhood and I miss it. Later after we have picked up the girls at different times from different places we go eat at Chuck-a-Rama where the girls tank up on ice cream and all the sweets they can. We invited all the kids but Curt is sick and Christy is out of commission. She made soup to take to 2 families and they called for 2 jalepenos and while she was cutting them up, she got the oil on her fingers and it started to BURN. She tried everything but nothing worked. Finally, as a last resort after trying all the other home remedies, she had to put urine on them. That's right. But it totally worked! After we ate we headed over to Christy's to see how she was doing and also to see her 8 (yes 8!!!) baby kittens and let the girls play with Brigitte for awhile. Spencer is attached to Dan and tells everyone 'goodbye' as he thinks he is leaving with Dan! It too cute. We get home at 9:00 - way past bedtime and the girls are all tired. We have quick baths and its off to bed. They are all asleep by 9:30! I make Grace's lunch for tomorrow and talk to my mom on the phome. They are not going to be able to come tomorrow to Idaho because Harold's sister has died and they are going to fly to Indiana for the funeral. Darn it. I had so many plans. I go to take a shower and decide to let Rosie roam in the kitchen for awhile since she didn't get out much today. It's now 10:30 and I come out to the kitchen to find this~

she had chewed up all of Jayna's recipes- that naughty dog!

Wednesday, Day 4
Dan has an early morning appointment so he takes the girls to school on his way. I take Lila to a play date/preschool which is close by and then run errands and go back to get her and then off to pick up Caroline and we 3 go to the Chiropractor. The girls are used to going with me now and as we walk in they demand their fruit snacks from the nice lady at the front desk and then they are off to play with the toys. I see Emily there 2 days in a row so her kids are there to play with. I vow to make one good meal during our stay and prepare baked potatoes, chicken, salad and bread and Christy is bringing zucchini bread. Curt is still sick so he and Kallie don't come. Gabe and Christy are late and it is 6:30 before we start eating because she had to take one of her new baby kittens to the vet because it has a foot that needs amputated. Poor thing. We finally eat outside and the kids are just playing around and having fun. We are all startled by loud crying from Lila. She had been playing some game where she was standing on an old railroad tie that is tied to a post and she slipped off it, hitting the back of her head on the way down. There is blood running down the back of her head and soon it soaks her dress. We strip off her clothes and put her in the tub and wash out her hair so we can see how bad the cut is. It's not too bad but I decide that we should take her to St. Als Hospital. It is after 8 PM and all the Immediate Care centers are closed. We call Tyler and Jayna and they are in Mountain Home so they will meet us at the hospital. Lila is a champ and doesn't cry at all at the hospital. She gets 2 staples and we go home.

Lila having fun playing on the post that soon turns against her

Thursday morning - Lila's 2 staples

and Caroline decided to become Jewish

I can't make this stuff up!
But we are home now and I am going to bed at 8PM.


Jana said...

Bless your heart Sherry! I would have gone to bed at seven! I'm sorry that it wasn't completely smooth sailing, but it did make for an entertaining read. What a trooper Lila is; my boys would have cried and cried!

Dannielle said...

The pictures are what really kill me about your experiences! Love you guys!

Advice said...

Amazing !!! Loved it !!!

Jennifer said...

Way funny! Thanks for sharing!

Christy said...

I tell you what, after the week I had I would have switched you! Ill take staples, marker, and puppy messes any day over a barfing kid, peeing on my own hands, and picking up a kitten leg. Id say we both earned a pedicure!!!!

And what is this about Caroline becoming Jewish? that was my favorite part!

Tiffany said...

Oh my gosh! I'm going to die laughing!! Do you want to come and watch my kids?? I'm rather impressed that you got the marker off... totally genius! Although, I want to know how long she was left alone to do all that!!
Miss you XOOX

The Pooley Tribe said...

Wow! Maybe next time tell her to watch her own darn kids. :)