Thursday, October 27, 2011

adventure in juicing

I got a steamer/juicer last year and finally got to try it out this year. I read the instructions and them ended up calling my mom 3 times to ask questions! Dam was gone for the day so I was on my own. It was quite messy. My kitchen was covered in grape juice! I only got one bushel but next year I will do 3 or 4! There is a learning curve but I think I've got it down now so next year will be a breeze! I will also do apricot juice next year. Can't wait! I ended up with 20 quarts of grape juice and 1 quart of grape jelly/syrup.

Dan and uncle Jim brought me home some elderberries to make syrup so I put them on to juice an went about doing laundry etc. I came into the kitchen to check on things and the clamp on the hose wasn't quite in the right place and there was juice all over my stove and on the floor. And I was just starting to feel confident about this juicing thing! I'm sure there is still a puddle under the fridge and stove that will be there awhile!

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