Saturday, October 8, 2011

Grandma's Dishes

Grandma's dishes
Yesterday I had an Oprah aha moment. I should actually put dishes in my hutch! I might even use them sometimes. I finally decided to put all my pretty vintage breakable glass dishes in my hutch on display; dishes from relatives - Grandmother Irene Branson's 1910 butter dish, Grandmother Thea Stewarts beautiful purple dishes, pitcher and bowls from our wedding, and many more treasures I have collected throughout the years. For years I have kept them wrapped up and stored away so nothing would happen to them. Why? I decided the time has come. I should enjoy them everyday! I have used the hutch to display teapots I have collected from all over the world but I will find a new home for them. I'm learning to live in the moment but its hard sometimes.

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