Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm in love!

with Essential Oils!
my house is smelling great!
sore muscles are gone!
teeth are clean!
all naturally!

We were at friends a couple of weeks ago for our weekly Sunday afternoon get together when I mentioned my ongoing sore muscles and Gary and Anita mentioned they had just the thing for me. I got the recipes and ordered up some essential oils and I just love messing around making up concoctions and potions. The air fresheners are most awesome!

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Christy said...

Tell me about it! My poor kids are shiny with greasy kids because Im constantly slathering them up with potions!!! Its addicting and so crazy what they can do! In the morning I dab a peppermint/lemon combo on my temples - and VOILA! Its like drinking a diet coke! Feels great and totally energizing. Brigitte scraped up her back pretty good outside and I slathered her with a few dabs of melaleuca - it was seriously almost GONE the next day! She now asks for her special oils sometimes, I think she likes that the lavendar relaxes her! pretty funny.