Friday, October 7, 2011

a painting adventure

We had so much fun while mom and Harold were here. They stayed 10 whole days!!! The guys went after wood, split it and stacked it. I'm so glad we have our winter wood! I can almost cope with the coming winter ALMOST! Mom and I went to Market and got breads and cheeses and yummy things to eat, we made fried green tomotoes, had a BBQ at Jayna's house, fixed Chrity's benches, took nature walks, walked down to get the mail and carried home lots of packages!, watched the X Factor, Project Runway and Dance Moms and soaked up the last days of Summer! It has been the nicest September I can ever recall. Every day was PERFECTION!

We painted ceramics too. Mom had made these two Thanksgiving Pilgrams at her Senior center and brought them so we could paint them at my house. I was so excited. I love to paint ceramics! We were supposed to be able to use pastles chalk to color them, but it didn't work out so well. It didn't work at all. The only paints I had were poster paints and they wouldn't stick to the slick surface on the already fired ceramics. It took several coats of paints just to cover a little and then we would smudge what we had just painted. Pretty soon we had paint everywhere except on the Pilgrims! They turned out really funny but we had a good time sitting outside at the picnic table in 87 degree weather. We laughed so hard we nearly fell off the benches! Mom wouldn't take them home and now they are here on my desk laughing at me everyday. I will keep them just because they will remind me of the wonfderful sunny afternoon we spent together. Love you mom!

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