Thursday, November 10, 2011

more pics of Benett!

I went to Boise again this week and helped Christy for a couple of days. We ate (I'm her food buddy) and we watched a scary movie and took care of the kids. We went to the grocery store one morning and then came home and made 4 freezer meals. I feel a little better knowing if she has a hard day at least she has dinner she can pop in the oven. Christy is doing remarkably well and is feeling great. If only she could get a little sleep I think she can make it. Although, I seriously doubt she'll be able to take all 3 kids to the store by herself for awhile! Benett is such a great baby (we'll pray he stays that way - no colic). He seems so much older than he is - like a wise professor. His hair and eyebrows are really light. Maybe he'll be like cousin Caroline in coloring. Brigitte is such a good little mommy to him and wants to do everything to him and to her babies that mommy does. She changes her Baby Flowers dolly about 20 times a day! It is fun getting to know Spencer better. What a little darling he is. I had the best time just snuggling him. Brigitte and Spencer below entranced by the Lion King movie.

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Christy said...

im so glad you have been taking pictures so i culd steal them for my sweet self!!!! i love the one with benett asleep! that one looks like him to me! And the ones with brigitte holding him are too cute! Come back soon and bring your camera!