Sunday, November 13, 2011

snowy Sunday

Today was our Stake Conference and we also woke to 3 inches of snow! We didn't plow though because it is supposed to warm up and melt the snow. We watched via Satellite at our church. The speakers were all really great and President Walker said something that I wanted to remember,"It only matters to the Lord where we are going not where we have been." I love this saying. It is so true. No matter what mistakes we have done in the past we can always move on. Like in the race of life, it doesn't matter how many times we stumble and fall as long as we get back up and finish the race. Here are some pictures I snapped (in the car) on our way to church this morning. Everything is so beautiful with a fluffy white layer of snow on it. The sun was just coming up and reflected in the snow everywhere.

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Christy said...

just looking at these made me want to turn up my heater! good thing i just spent an hour downloading christmas songs!