Monday, December 5, 2011

Benetts Baby Blessing

We had a wonderful weekend in Boise getting ready for Benett's baby blessing. Jayna, Christy and I prepared some food on Sat. afternoon for the brunch after the blessing. It was a really nice Sacrament meeting (9:00 am) although Spencer had been sick and was not feeling well at all. All of our family was there and most of the Beal family came so Gabe and Christy had a house full. We had lots of delicious food and enjoyed one anothers company. Gabe had just completed a new playroom (sectioned off a part of the garage and dry walled and carpeted it for the kids to play in which they all loved! It even has a TV! I'm sure Brigitte and Spencer are loving it to play in! Benett looked darling in the cute blessing outfit she found for him.

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