Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Merry Little Christmas :)

Christmas was wonderful as usual. We had our Christmas Eve on Friday night instead of Sat night with a really nice sit down dinner with smoked turkey and ham. Then we had a little program and let the girls open the robes and PJ's I made for them (yes - the very ones that ate my soul) - the girls loved them and spent the all week wearing them! My mom told her story about getting the bracelet made from a piece of a plane by her brother Stan when he was in the war. Everyone enjoyed it. Then it was time for bed and the kids went right to sleep. We opened presents on Sat morning so it would be less hectic on Sunday where we could go to our hour of Christmas music program and just enjoy it. We had all the kids and grandkids and my mom and Harold - 17 in all! We had to find extra sleeping quarters and the king bed in the loft came in very handy. It was cold (7 degrees at night) but we warmed it up with our propane heater and put an electric blanket on the bed. Tyler & Jayna volunteered to sleep out there despite the fact that there is no bathroom facilities. They liked it so much that when a bedroom opened up in the house (Curt & Kallie could only stay one night so they could have Christmas with her parents too) they chose to stay out there where it was nice and quiet. It just may be that this will be the bed in the future that everyone is fighting over. The girls all slept in our bedroom on the Cabelas bunk beds which they thoroughly enjoyed! Mom and Harold came on Wed so I had my mom to help me with the cooking which was just wonderful! We tried to make rolls but sadly they did not rise as they were supposed to. Sat morning we all got up and opened presents about 7:30 am and tried to open them one at a time and we did pretty good. I think everyone liked what we got them - at least I hope so! We had a lot of people so we also had a lot of presents to open! The grandkids were so excited over their presents - they got sleeping bags, teepee, scooters, dolls, baby play station, etc.... We got mom and Harold a Wii! They have no idea what it is but I'm sure they will like it once they get the hang of it.

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