Tuesday, December 13, 2011

yesterday was my birthday!

Me age 16. I haven't changed a bit have I? Well, you can't have everything. Last night was our Empty Nesters Christmas party and they sang happy birthday to me and Roberta (we are twins - just 20 years apart). We had a white elephant exchange and Dan ended up with Elk jerky so he is a happy camper today! I spent the week mostly being sick with a bad cold that Dan had the week before. He didn't want me to feel left out so he passed it on. Sunday I felt pretty good and we had 5 couples for dinner after the Community Christmas choir program at 4:00 pm. I made Christy's Swedish meatballs with gravy over mashed potatoes. It was a big hit and enjoyed by all with many eating seconds, then we had ice cream with carmel and chocolate and nuts toppings for dessert. Afterwards the Shimers stayed and we played pinochle until 10:30! We are in charge of cleaning the church and checking the building every night. Two sweet sisters cleaned for me last week because I was sick. Dan & I just got back from cleaning it for this Sunday. The bathrooms took me 2 hours and Dan is great at swabbing the deck. Tonight Dan has a scout board of review and I'm going to watch TV and sit by the fire and do a few more Christmas cards. I'm done with buying presents for everyone and that feels great! I am so excited to have everyone here for Christmas. Mom & Harold might even come!


Christy said...

Happy Birthday! And actually you really dont look any different from that picture - people DO think we are sisters all the time! For your birthday I got you an invisible golden tabby persian kitten. She is sooo cute right? youre welcome!

Ive been thinking about how fun Vegas was when we went 2 years ago...andI think its time for A GIRLS TRIP next year! yes. The boys can babysit, lol!We shoudl go to SLC for a weekend. You me, jayna, and Kallie. We can stay with Grandma and shop at ikea and H&M.

Im glad you are better and that all your shopping is done. I think I am done as well minus a few stocking stuffers for Gabe. Ill pick up some random things for everyone else too...because I have a shopping problem of course!

see you next week!

jayna said...

You look like Lexi in that picture a little bit! Beautiful Mom! We missed celebrating with you- I guess Christmas will be the birthday for us all! :)

Jana said...

Happy belated birthday Sherry!!