Saturday, January 7, 2012


Happy New Year!

We went to Boise and spent the night at Jayna's and spent New Years Eve with Gabe and Christy. We were all there except Curt and Kallie who had other plans. We ate all the delicious food that Christy had spent all day making! I don't know how she made all that deliciousness and took care of her 3 little ones! I need her to cook for me. I think I'll trade her cleaning services for cooking for us! I wish I lived closer to all my kids and grandkids. The grandkids enjoyed playing together in Brigitte and Spencer's new play room and Grace and Caroline joined the adults in playing SCUM. We had fun doing that for awhile and then we tried to play Pictionary. The best part was Dan drawing pictures of words he couldn't see. It was hilarious! He thought 'Platypus' was 'playground' and something else was song because he didn't have his reading glasses! We all got tired around 10:30 and went to bed - so no we actually were not awake when 2012 came but it did arrive! Thanks Christy & Gabe for inviting us!!! We had a wonderful time!

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