Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today is Valentine's Day 2012! I went to Ladies Day (Relief Society- Homemaking Day) this morning and we had such a fun time "Getting to know you" with everyone. We all sang the old song, "Getting To Know You" and then played a game answering questions about ourselves and then guessing whose baby picture it was, followed by a wonderful luncheon and topped off with chocolate mousse desert. It was a lot of fun. Then I went to the Library and returned a ton of books and checked out a ton more. I am currently reading all of Jodi Picoult and Laura Moriarty's books. Both are great writers. Then I stopped in at the Garden Valley Market for a couple of things I needed. I just love going into our nice new store! Tonight Dan and I are going to eat at the Senior Center and go swimming afterwards so that is how we will spend our Valentine's evening. Should be fun! Last night we had Empty Nesters at Walt & Glenda's and ate so much I'm not even hungry today! There were so many great deserts! I wore my cute boots today since our snow is starting to melt and everywhere you step is a slushy mesh. I just love these boots Christy gave me for Christmas, Aren't they too cute?!

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Christy said...

Im glad you are getting to wear them instead of having them decorate your laundry room! We went and saw woman in black for valentines day, you would have loved it so youll have to see it next time you come to town! You need to start collecting recipes from the senior center and empty nesters and post them on the blog!