Saturday, February 4, 2012

I'm still laughing!!!

so I woke up this morning or rather Dan woke me up as he was leaving for Lowman to tell me goodbye. It seems like the only time I dream or remember dreaming is when I sleep in and I'm dreaming as I wake up. Well before I went to sleep I had been thinking how much fun it would be if we could all travel together in a motor home to Oregon next summer. So here's how my dream played out.... we drove to Boise to meet mom and Harold who had brought up this motor home to pick us all up. In front of Gabe & Christy's house there was this huge ugly motor home (picture an old motor home from the 70's but twice as long - not as nice I the one I found online so you gotta use your imagination). It looked a little cruddy on the outside (paint peeling etc.) but when we went inside and the interior was all fixed up and really nice. There were so many bedrooms! There was even a playroom for the little kids stocked full of toys coloring books, TV etc. The bathrooms were really nice and one even had a jetted tub. Everyone was really excited! My mom kept saying, "not bad huh?!" Dan kept asking where the driver(s) sat. At the end of the tour my mom led us outside and pointed up to the top. There sits Harold in an old pickup (just the front of it with no top. He is sitting and holding onto a tractor steering wheel with the sweat just pouring off him. This is the end of July so you get the picture. He is smiling though and ready to roll!!! Gabe and Dan just stand there and are shaking their heads, both of them start saying "no way are we going to sit up there, no way, it's NOT SAFE!, there's just no way!" and then I woke up.

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