Wednesday, March 7, 2012

G.V. First ever Caucus!

It was good times.  Sitting on metal chairs for 3 1/2 hours in the new high school multi purpose room with 94 other voters. We had to show up at 6 and they closed the doors at 7. We didn't know what to expect but we were there with some friends so we talked and laughed and learned what a Caucus was all about. First the speeches. The only candidate that had a representative was Ron, but 2 others gave a short speech for Mitt. We were all a little concerned about the Ron crazies here but Mitt carried the vote in the end. We voted 3 times - each time throwing out the candidate with the lowest number of votes. Each time after we voted and the votes were counted, we would then have to call our votes into Idaho City and wait for Horseshoe Bend and Idaho City votes to be counted. Then we got a call back and they would tell us the final vote count. Our first bit of excitement was after our first round of voting. They were so by the book they put our votes into a locked metal box and afterward no one had the key so they had to call someone in to cut the lock off. I didn't have my camera for a picture - darn! Our next bit of excitement was that Ron won the first round of voting. It was a first time for lots of us but we had sugar cookies and bottled water so it was doable!
 In the news~
In an unprecedented showing of over 44,000 Idaho Republicans participating in the Gem State's first-ever GOP Presidential Caucuses, Mitt Romney walked away with all of the state's 32 delegates.
Though both Rick Santorum and Ron Paul picked up a few wins [Paul won Bonner, Boundary, Camas, Idaho, Latah and Nez Perce counties while Santorum won Benewah, Clearwater, Kootenai, Lewis, Owyhee, Shoshone and Washington counties], Article VI, Section 5 of the Rules of the Idaho Republican Party have awarded all of the state's 32 delegates to Romney, because he won over 50 percent of the total counties' proportion of delegates.
In Ada County, where more than 9,000 packed into Boise State's Taco Bell Arena (the largest caucus turnout in the nation thus far in 2012), Romney won with 4,223 votes, trailed by Santorum with 1,866, Paul with 1,766 and Newt Gingrich with 307.
In Canyon County, where more than 4,500 participated at the Idaho Center, two rounds of voting were necessary before Romney won with 51.8 percent of the vote, followed by Santorum's 32,6 percent and Paul's 15.5 percent.

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