Sunday, March 18, 2012

our St. Patrick's Day weekend

We've had a really busy weekend. Gabe & Christy were going to come up but after I explained what we had going on, they opted to come another time. Friday night we went to our Relief Society Dinner to celebrate 170 years of service. The LDS Relief Society is one of the oldest and largest women's organizations in the world. "Women are always looking for opportunities to use their abilities, their skills, their talents and their feelings of compassion and charity," Sister Allred said. "And, by having a special celebration, our motto of 'Charity never faileth' can become a focus of how we are going to celebrate." We had fresh flowers on the table and our theme was "Forget Me Not" from the talk of president Uchtdorf .

I am proud to belong to such a wonderful organization. We had a wonderful dinner with pork roast and all the trimmings and then a variety of pies for dessert. I was asked to bring a pie. So on Thursday I baked an apple pie using canned apple pie filling from the church cannery which had expired but I thought would work. I made the pie and the crust turned out especially beautiful. We had so many pies that mine didn't get eaten, except for one piece. GOOD THING. We brought it home and Dan cut himself a big piece of this delicious pie and took a big bite. He quickly spit it out. He said it was rancid or something. Boy do I feel bad for whoever ate the one piece at the dinner! There was not enough ice cream or whipped cream to save it. I will have to throw out all the cans of that filling. After we had dinner it was time for the entertainment - a few of our branch have gotten together and formed a band of sorts; guitars, vocalists, ukulele, flutes, spoons, etc. but somehow it all sounded great! Dan had run to Boise earlier in the day and bought a guitar off Craigslist and ended up playing his brand new guitar. It is a Guild Acoustic-Electric Guitar and he assures me it is wonderful! more pictures to follow. Ya we snapped these pictures of each other before we left in our poor kitchen light - neither one of us are getting any awards for our photography!

Then on Saturday afternoon the band had a gig at the Library! They played 5 Irish tunes and sounded really GREAT. Maybe they'll go on tour soon! There was a silent auction to benefit new pavement (hopefully this summer) and we won a straw hat, a cute basket filled with things to make soup for two, and two yards of cute fabric. I came home happy with our spoils.

Then today we went to church and came home and ate and rested a bit (well Dan rested while I watched The Woman In Black - which was very suspenseful - especially when Dan sneaked up behind me and scared me half to death!). This evening we had our community Easter program which is held at our church. Half our branch is sick but it was well attended. Some of the numbers were just outstanding! We came home and now I'm blogging and catching up.

My dad is still in rehab and not doing too well. Glory and Lexi went to see him yesterday and he is sad to be in there. Really depressing. We are all hoping he will be able to go home soon. We've had a lot going on this week - I'm sure I forgot something.

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jayna said...

OH my gosh- your pictures are so cute and funny. I love you two crazy kids.