Sunday, March 4, 2012

we made it to March

Isn't February the  l o n g e s t  month ever? I'm so glad it's March. We are supposed to be in St. George this week enjoying 70 degree weather and taking lovely pictures of Zions Park and Brice Canyon. But I have been sick for an entire week with tonsillitis instead. My recliner has become my second bed and I have watched every lifetime movie, Project Runway and some shows I don't even remember. Dan also thought it was a good idea if I kept the fire going - since I was up anyway. I have been experimenting with my new DoTerra Essential Oils kit which came the night before I got sick. Talk about timing. I am pretty sure I have eaten some of the oils that you are not supposed to take internally, but I really do love them and can't wait to watch the DVD's and learn how to use them properly. I think they have helped a lot. This week I have also been working on helping my dad get qualified for more home nursing care since he isn't doing that well and could really use the help. I have a list of about 8 people trying to get this and that done all over the phone. I would be on hold for 15 minutes and then when I finally got to talk to a person I would start coughing and my voice would be gone and I ended up having to hang up. I sent out many emails and I'm not sure if I was coherent in any of them. I keep hitting brick walls so I'm not sure if I am going to be able to get dad more help or not. Since his stoke last summer he has been going down hill. He is not getting his medicine like he is supposed to be and that is one of the biggest problems. His care giver (who shall remain nameless) is just not up to the task. Dad was in the hospital 3 weeks ago because he had not been taking his diuretic and had 20 - 30 pounds of extra fluid. It really is a sad situation but I really don't know what we kids are going to do. Dad doesn't want our help and he seems happy so I guess we'll just let him be.

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