Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break

Harold and Mom came for 10 days over Spring Break. It rained the entire time and was cool but Dan and Harold managed to cut down 6 trees despite the conditions. Our carport is filled with Ponderosa pine rounds! Mom and I even got some pictures of Harold 'felling' the trees. It's quite an art and fun to watch! It made me anxious though and I only got pictures of one tree falling. Mom and I mostly stayed inside and sewed. We got 3 quilt tops done and one unfortunate baby blanket. We had got the instructions from Christy but unfortunately didn't follow them! We were supposed to sew diagonal not vertical through 4 pieces of fabric, so when we washed it - it fell apart and has so many loose threads it is impossible to save. I will make hot pads or something from it! We watched General Conference and cut quilt blocks. We ate at the Senior Center every chance we got so we didn't have to quit sewing. We went swimming to soothe our sore muscles. It was wonderful to spend time with my mom and it past way to quickly. Here is our week in pictures.

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