Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Definately Better After

 Design On a Dime

You may remember my kitchen ....
ugly cabinets, ugly countertops, ugly tile,

a close up of my multi-shades of brown laminate countertops....

after painting my countertops with Giani countertop paint...

after painting my cabinets with Giani Nuvo cabinet paint...

and my tile backsplash too!

I added some new knobs and painted the walls a lovely shade of butter yellow.
I also got a piece of tempered glass cut for one of my counter tops that I can set hot pans on and even chop on.

From UGLY and drab to CHEERY and fab, I love my new kitchen!

Gianai Countertop paint $ 75.00
Giani Nuvo Cabinet paint $150.00
Yellow paint $ 30.00
some new knobs $ 75.00
new range hood  $65.00

Total cost $395.00 + some serious woman hours


jayna said...

Mom that looks wonderful! Look what you did- awesome! I swear my favorite part are the knobs- what a difference the white makes too!! Great job!

Jana said...

Sherry, you are amazing! I seriously can't believe that's the same kitchen; I love the red and white together. It's so bright and clean and welcoming.

LegSullivan said...

Hello! I just came across your blog and I am really inspired by your kitchen re-do. The new kitchen looks great. I was hoping to either chat off line (or, maybe you could direct me to your other blog posts) to discuss tips and tricks for using the paint (how long it took, lessons learned, how it's holding up). I really like that you painted the tile - how is that holding up? REALLY, IT LOOKS AWESOME. JOB WELL DONE!