Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day

Curt & Kallie came up Sunday afternoon to spend Father's Day Sunday with us. After church we took the go-karts for a ride up lightening creek to the top of the mountain. I had my camera along so I was snapping pictures left and right. It was just beautiful scenery. It didn't take Kallie two minutes and she was driving; she was so excited! We came upon several horses. One mare was tied up and standing in the middle of the road. The other horses were hobbled so they couldn't go far. Dan had to lead the mare off the road so we could pass, but the horse just wanted to follow Dan so whenever he tried to leave she followed him. Grace - the horse pictures are for you! At the top we found a trail that Curt had cut when he was wildland firefighting! He was pretty excited to see it. On the way back we came upon Curt & Kallie with their thumbs out wanting to hitch a ride. The go cart had just stopped and wouldn't run. They thought it ran out of gas but that wasn't the problem. Dan had 'accidentally' put in some diesel fuel the week before and was still getting it cleared out I guess. Anyway, Curt just pushed Kallie in the cart for awhile and it finally started to run again and we all made it home safe and sound. It was a nice afternoon for all.

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