Saturday, June 2, 2012

We've had a busy couple of weeks and I need to catch up this little blog of mine. I went to Boise to stay with Lila & Caroline for a couple of days while Tyler was out of town and Jayna to Grace on an overnight field trip to Baker City, OR. to see the Pioneer Museum. Grace had asked me to make her a Pioneer dress complete with bonnet which I somehow managed to make with a Prairie dress pattern from Walmart that I could not read, and a bonnet tutorial on uTube. It turned out pretty cute (I'll post a pic later) and Grace was really excited to wear it so that made it all worth the effort. While there, I helped Christy do 12 loads of wash at the laundromat to get rid of all the insect chemicals that were sprayed to get rid of what she thought was lice because everyone has them!,  then decided that they were not lice but maybe fleas, but no, it turns out that she had Spring Tails. None of of had ever heard of them. They started building on the lot next door and they all came over to Christy's house. I'll let her tell the story! I have Spring fever and have been cleaning house and washing everything (windows included). I heard a tapping noise and looked up and there was Dan on top of the house with a roll of paper towels and window cleaner washing our very tall windows that we couldn't figure out how to wash for the last two years! Dan figured out a way and finally just did it - and he didn't fall so that is GOOD. I have been busy mending and sewing. I've mended a ton of clothes and made an ironing pad (extra large) so I can iron on my table. I hate setting up the ironing board - in fact - I haven't seen it since we moved. I have been trying to get the french doors in my kitchen painted white for soooo long. I'm 1/4 of the way done; tedious work painting around all those little windows. And just to make our life more exciting, we've had to clean the church the last couple of weeks and lock up at night. I have been able to enjoy Movie Day on Wed. afternoons with my girlfriends - it's just so much fun! We saw The Devil Wears Prada and Return To Me and ate tons of popcorn. Dan has been getting wood for church members who need it and he and Uncle Jim have been busy on their project. We got our sprinklers worked on and they are running much better now - still missing some spots - but oh, well. Dan mowed and our yard looks great. I met a wonderful man named Henry who came and sprayed all our weeds (we may have some lawn left - I'm not sure yet) and sprayed our bugs and spiders inside and out yippee! We had a RS work day at one of our sister's houses and we weeded her flower beds and then we exchanged plants and I brought home some Day Lilies and Irises and planted them by my porch and they are already starting to bloom. I can't believe that I actually have some flowers growing! I've got two brown thumbs so we'll see what happens and if they actually bloom and the deer don't eat them. I also bought two beautiful hanging fuchsias from our local nursery that I just adore. I love my porch and the weather has been just delightful! I wish it were like this everyday.

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