Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Flooring update!

It took 4 days of hard work for 3 people but we got the floors in. They are Birch and I just LOVE them! A big improvement over our Berber carpet for sure. A big thank you to Walt! He's almost 80 and outworked both Dan and I. I originally planned to glue the wood down so I had ordered (3) 5 gal cans of adhesive, but after reading all the instructions I decided to float the floor instead. I didn't want to smell the glue (I'm super sensitive to smells. So while Walt and Dan put down 32 sheets of plywood to bring the dining room floor level with the kitchen floor (which was a full inch shorter) I ran to Boise to buy 'quiet walk' to put under the flooring. My plan was to exchange the adhesive for the quiet walk since they each cost $300, but there is no one in Boise that carries the brand I got on line. Know anyone who needs 15 gallons of floor adhesive? Dan and Walt screwed down the plywood and I laid the quiet walk. Then we began laying the flooring. I was really pleased with it. It fit together nicely and the quality and color is great. Walt and I glued and fit the boards together while Dan sawed off the boards we needed to. He still has ALL his fingers too.

the dining room before - an inch lower with Berber carpet ...

we found this beauty of a floor after we tore out the laminate in the kitchen ...

cleaning up... I have sawdust EVERYWHERE
on a side note my kitchen counters stood up quite wells with all the tools on them

starting to lay out the blue quiet walk. Couldn't wait to get the kitchen floor covered up. We tore of the first linoleum which was grey and that left the stickiest film on the yellow floor it and we kept tracking it everywhere.

our construction zone. Placing the underlayment. It's harder than you might think - you have to roll it out, measure it, cut it with kitchen shears, and tape the seams with duct tape. It wants to curl up - especially at the ends of the roll. We used 625 ft of this stuff.

starting the dining room...

and so we begin to lay the floor one board at a time, gluing as we go...
you put blue painters tape to hold the boards so they don't slip.

the dining room floor now! We still have to put up the moulding and paint the tile where we took out the wood stove. Hope to do that on Monday. (yup - the Christmas lights are still up)

the kitchen floor now! and there is not a step down into the dining room. I love it.

carpets being cleaned today! can't wait to get my house all back together! the only down side of the flooring is that they totally clash with the yellow paint I just painted my kitchen walls. The floors have too much yellow in them and they really intensify the color of yellow now. Darn. I'll change the paint one of these days - maybe a pretty light turquoise color!


Jana said...

Sherry, I'm exhausted just reading about this project! You guys are amazing, and the floor looks GREAT. I don't think the yellow paint looks bad with the flooring, but turquoise would be fun. Just take a nice long rest first :).

Christy said...

WOW! This looks like a totally different house - AMAZING! Nice job, I cant wait to see it soon!