Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family Pic's

Here are some family pictures from the reunion. It was so good to see my brothers and sisters! Glory and her 4 children had left before this family picture was taken and Jon and Lisa were there but somehow only Miriam made it into this picture and some others were here but didn't want their picture taken. We were not all there at the same time but got pictures as we could. We all went to church with dad on Sunday and I think he enjoyed having all of us there. Jon and Tyson went to pick dad up - per their instructions the night before, but dad forgot and met us at the church all dressed up in his suit. I guess he was excited that we were all coming. We took up 2 benches and they announced us as Harts visiting instead of the Stewarts but oh well. After church we all ate at our camp - Nathan hot dogs and then had pie and root beer floats. It was a fun day. The second picture was taken in dad's front yard the night before we left. Jon, Dane, and Tyson went over to watch a movie with dad and Jayna got her girls's picture taken with their great grandpa. I got a little teary eyed as we drove away knowing it is the last time I see my dad in this life anyway. He doesn't really seem to know he has any limitations so that is good. The more he hung around all of us the more he seemed to engage with us. He had a big smile on his face the first time he saw me there as I helped him out of the car. Another time he gave my a squeeze on my shoulder as he walked by. That's as close to an 'I love you' as I will ever get. Dan was especially good to dad and even stayed home from the jet boat ride to take dad gold hunting one last time.


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