Saturday, August 25, 2012

For Arnold

I was able to play a small part {very small} in bringing home a little orphan boy from Russia with Downs Syndrome. His name is Arnold and I will update when he comes home! Christy heard that the Preece family was about $7,000 short in their adoption which costs $30,000. She came up with the idea of getting someone to donate a playhouse and raffling it off. She placed an ad on Craigslist and someone sold her the house for $50. She came up with the idea of Little Red Riding Hood's Cottage and set about to paint, decorate, and revamp the little house into something so cute that everyone would want it! I got to sew the curtains and help decorate it. She sold about $500's worth of tickets and had tapped out all her resources of family and friends. She needed something bigger. That's where Bill & Jan Gage, owners of Edwards Theaters stepped in. They offered to let Christy bring the house to Edwards and leave it there. Then Christy and her friend Aubrey went to channel 7 news and finally got the TV station to run the story! They came and interviewed the Preece family at Christy's house. We were in Oregon so we didn't get to see Christy on the news until we got home. She did AWESOME! I guess her Metcalf and IMTA experience paid off after all. It was just the training she needed. And it is a cause near and dear to her heart. August 16th was the big day. Every day leading up to the 16th she had a goal to meet and somehow each day she met it. It was truly a miracle how this all turned out and was divine intervention. A really BIG THANKS to Bill and Jan - without them this wouldn't have been possible! What an incredibly kind thing to do. When all was said and done - they raised $10,000! The Preece family can now go get their little Arnold. To read more about this story go to: And the rest of the story is that 'Arnold's' name was drawn on the winning ticket and the family gets to keep the house! Now Christy is going to keeping raising money for other little children in Russia. Go Christy! You can make this your life mission.

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Christy said...

This post was great! Ill need to steal it and put it on my blog too!Thanks for chronicling the entire night - I was too crazy to take a single picture!