Thursday, August 9, 2012

it was the MOSTEST FUN!!!

Hellgate Jet Boat ride on the Rogue River
this was the only thing my mom was able to do with us and now I know why she saved all her strength to do this one thing. It was FUNTASTIC! A few of us were able to go on it. Dan and Curt sadly missed it. Curt had gone to Medford to pick up Kallie and Dan volunteered to go gold hunting with my dad [yes, he's a saint - of course they didn't find any gold]. We rode up the beautiful Rogue River on these amazing jet boats that go 60 mph in as little as 4 inches of water. Our driver was great and soooo funny. The first picture is us just after the boat took off. In fact all these pictures were taken before our ride home. See how dry we are? We were definitely not dry on our way home!!! We jetted and spun our way along taking in the sights up the river. We arrived at this unbelievable lodge where we were waited on hand and foot and served homemade corn bread, baking powder biscuits hot from the oven, followed by a yummy green salad with a honey mustard dressing, followed by cheesy scalloped potatoes and melt in your mouth BBQ chicken; topped off with fresh berries and whip cream. We had all expected to be handed a sack lunch and were totally blown away by the beautiful lodge and fine dining experience. We were taken to the lodge in large tractor pulled trailers. After our delicious lunch we headed back. I should have maybe been suspicious when the couple behind us put on their rain coats but I wasn't. We had gotten a little wet on the way to lunch but not too wet. We were all set for the 'spins' to begin and begin they did. Around and around like a Tilt-a-Whirl we went! The girls said it was more fun than a Disney Land ride and I have to agree with them! All of a sudden my mom and I got so drenched we were speechless and we couldn't see a thing. It was like buckets and buckets of water being dumped on us! No sooner than we had started to see again and we were dumped on again. Jon and Lisa and Miriam also got drenched. We were definitely sitting in the hot seats or should I say wet seats. Jon took a picture of us so I will post it when I get it from him. Everyone was laughing at us and we were laughing at ourselves. I can only imagine what we looked like! Caroline who had wanted to get wet stayed as dry as a cat. She even came over to sit by us hoping for some drenching but it was not her day. I wanted Dan, Curt and Kallie to experience the ride and lunch so I booked us for Thursday but sadly we had to cancel it and head home because Dan hurt his arm and it was so painful he couldn't even drive home.

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