Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jayna had a get together with the B2 girls from BYU Idaho at our house for 4 days so Dan & I went to Boise and watched her girls. The we took her girls home and Jayna stayed up for a few extra days. Then she went home and we kept the girls for another week. We floated the river one day even thought it was so low in places we had to walk, swam at Terrace lakes, ate out, colored, swang on the new swings, and probably the hi-lite of our week was going to Starlight Mountain Theater to see Cinderella. It was really perfect for the girls, but Dan and I enjoyed it too.  I did a project with each of the girls. Grace wanted a sleeping bag for her American Girl doll, Caoline wanted a nightgown for her American Girl doll and Lila wanted to make a pumpkin pie (no surprise there!) so we did  and for the most part they turned out - pretty good considering we had no patterns or the dolls. Lila loved helping me hang out the clothes! Gabe & Christy came up for our 24th of July celebration and we all went and had a BBQ at the church. I didn't get a single picture - we were too busy cooking and watching the 6 kids! Many Thanks to Gabe for manning the grill!!! I don't know what we would have done if he hadn't come!



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