Monday, August 6, 2012

Oregon Coast Vacation

 Diamond Lake
We set off to the Oregon coast for a few days of family fun. Tyler & Jayna and girls in the suburban and Curt, Dan and I in the Durango - each of our vehicles pulling trailers. Kallie had a Bridal shower in LasVegas so she was going to fly to Medford on Monday and then Curt would pick her up. First stop Motel 6 in Bend, Oregon - just a step above the Hitch Rack [Sun Valley] with an Adult shop next door and old scruffy men playing poker outside our rooms, Swell. But it was just for one night. The next day we headed to Diamond Lake. None of us had ever been there before so we were pleasantly surprised by this beautiful lake with Three Sisters in the back ground. Dan and I stayed in the resort and Tyler and Jayna had reserved two beautiful campsites right along the lake. We set up the screen house and Tyler & Curt slept in it on the cots. The food at the lodge was great and we ate there every meal. We played in the lake, rode bikes, hiked and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.


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