Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the Deep End of The Ocean

The Pacific Ocean Brookings, Oregon

A beautiful day at the beach. We couldn't have asked for a nicer day; it was like it was warm and sunny just for us. It had been cold the day before with highs in the low 60's at the Redwoods and at the beach at Crescent City so we had planned on it being a cold day here at Brookings as well. We originally planned to do dutch oven BBQ at the beach and eat there but no one wanted to eat sand in the freezing cold so we through it into a crock pot before we left. We arrived in Brookings and it was cloudy and a little cool. We went and ate Thai food and got to the beach at 2:00 all of us dressed in layers. By 3:00 we had peeled off our layers and those who had brought swimming suits suited up and jumped in the ocean. It was one of the nicest days I can remember EVER at the beach. We were there at the perfect time on the most perfect day. 71 blissful sunny degrees with no wind! Unbelievable!!! We had so much fun. My brother Justin had been at this beach a few days before and had built these two shelters [below]. Curt and Ty built a raft [from 2 logs] and were headed to the island, but the tide was coming in so they only got about 2/3's of the way. Curt and Kallie climbed to the top of a very tall rock. I'm sure the view was GREAT! We headed for some gift shops but they were all closed much to our dismay. Why on earth would all the gift shops close at 5:00 pm in the height of tourist season?? All along our trip we were planning to stop and we only got to one gift shop at Crater Lake! Luckily there were lots of starfish in the tide pools that we got to see even if we didn't bring any home. 










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