Monday, August 6, 2012

The Enchanted Forest

The Redwoods  
We all decided it would be the mostest fun to all travel together to the Redwoods. So we all piled into one car - the suburban. 10 of us in an 8 passenger car. A little crowded but so worth it. Tyson volunteered to ride in the very back (thanks Tyson!!!) with the cooler and water jug along with a blanket and pillow. I kept calling Tyler 'Tyson' and Tyson 'Tyler' so pretty soon I just said 'Tylon' to either of them. We stopped at the Rangers Station to get directions for an easy hike that we could all do. The Ranger gave the girls a book in which they would become 'official' Rangers once they found everything in it. Caroline took it very serious and looked the part with her khaki pants and jungle hat. They did eventually find everything in their books. Lila was looking for fairies the whole time so much to my amazement when I uploaded the pictures from our visit to the Redwoods - there they were - fairies!  Lila these two fairy pictures are for you! We brought picnic stuff and lunched at the Smith River but it was much too cold to play in the water. We went on a half mile hike and on the way we saw a giant tree that you could crawl inside. Curtis went in and then Grace, Caroline, Lila, Tyson and Kallie all went in! Tyler climbed up the tree a ways and there was a small hole that he held the camera in and snapped a picture inside the tree so we could see everyone in there. pretty awesome! A pretty amazing day spent with trees 3000 years old.

Trees of Mystery
After the Redwoods we went to Trees of Mystery to see the famous statutes of Paul Bunyon and his ox Babe. After hiking 25 minutes up to the top we rode in tram cars way up through the tops of the trees. We could even see the ocean at Crescent City! It was a short ride up and back but really fun. The views were amazing at the top! We were able to get out and go to the lookout. One of the most unique items was a slice of an old tree standing by the exit with markers on it for events that happened in the world, like the Pilgrims, Christopher Columbus etc. Pretty Cool!

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