Saturday, August 4, 2012

Stewart Family Reunion

- we're back after 10 wonderful days of  
SISKIYOU Smoke Jumper Base
 Our home away from home for 5 nights. 
Mom and Harold are caretakers here at the Siskiyou Museum in Cave Junction, Oregon for 6 weeks and arranged it so our family could camp and use the facilities for the Stewart Family Reunion. They gave us a tour of all the buildings and we heard about the smoke jumpers who used to use it. It is still an active airport for small planes and helicopters. The kids had fun trying on helmets and other equipment and seeing parachutes that they had used.  The showers were great with hot water and with flushing potties and we had a fully equipped kitchen to cook in. We played cards in the dining room [Museum by day - game room by night] until the wee hours of the morning. My siblings came at different times so we just took pictures with whoever was there at the time. It was so great to see everyone! We missed Dar and Justin's families but Paul came home from his mission this week - can't wait to see him! It is probably the last time I [and my siblings] will see dad so we needed to make the effort. We got to spend lots of time with him. Unfortunately my mom's pericarditis has returned and she was not feeling well the entire time we were here. She did go on the river boat trip one day and we had so much fun - I'll post about it - maybe tomorrow! The camp was mostly great. There was a bit of a noise issue at night. There was a sawmill right next to the airport and they felt the need to work all night long with all kinds of noisy heavy equipment being ran, then there was the strobe light from the air strip that turned around like a disco ball all night long [there was no need for flashlights] for any small planes that needed to land [Curt offered to cover it up, but was overruled], then if you were lucky enough to finally fall asleep (usually towards morning), the roosters next door started crowing at 5:00 am. Good times. By the 5th night though I kind of got used to it [kind of]. I thought I would do several posts since I'm pretty sure 100 pictures in one long post might not be allowed in Blogger. more to come!





There was a lovely swimming hole called Seats Dam just 5 minutes from our camp. We had such fun there and went whenever we had a spare minute! Sometimes it was crowded and sometimes we had it almost to ourselves. It was like our own Garden of Eden. There was a rope swing and everyone jumped off it and the dam for fun. In the first picture you can see the kids behind the waterfall sitting on the ledge there. I even went there. About 6 people can fit and wave their hands through the waterfall. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of any waving hands. My dad came with us on one of these adventures even though it's a bit tricky to get to the water. As soon as we got him across the board walkway and got him sat down he asked where the restrooms were. After laughing about it, Dan helped him into the woods.



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