Sunday, October 14, 2012

a visit from my sweet Mother!

We always have such a wonderful time when my mom and Harold visit. My mom still has Pericarditis so she got tired easily. We did get to do some sewing and my mom even managed to make a queen size quilt. We went to Caroline's bowling Birthday party, made a mad dash to Oregon to help my dad, went on a go kart ride in which Dan and my go - kart ran out of gas about 7 miles from the house and Harold and mom had to pull us all the way home. Our cable was a little too short and it kept jerking our kart, but the biggest inconvenience was the dirt we ate. I gave Dan a bad time because I had asked him before we left, "are they both full of gas?" to which he replied, "I'm not stupid!" I finally put some tissue over my nose to help keep the dust out and the wind kept it in place. I will post more pictures from our other adventures later. One of the big trees in our from yard by the porch was dead so Dan and Harold cut it down and chopped it up for firewood. Mom and I didn't even know they cut it down so we didn't get a picture of it falling. Dan and Harold got lots of wood everyday and then cut it up. We have all our wood for this winter and a good head start on next years. We had a little photo shoot after church one Sunday.



  my dust mask!


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