Friday, October 19, 2012

General Conference Weekend

We watched Jayna's girls while they went to General Conference in SLC. Curt and Kallie came up and we also watched Benett for Christy while she was recovering from Kidney stone surgery. It was unbelievably bad for her. I never want a kidney stone! I guess this one was the size of a marble. OUCH! Gabe's parents took Brigitte and Spencer and Jayna took Benett and then when they went to Utah we took Benett. It was a fun crazy weekend here. The girls had a blast with aunt Kallie and made lots of hair jewels and necklaces with a kit that Curt and Kallie had given Caroline for her Birthday. We just mostly laid around and ate and crafted. I got a new kitten from one of my Primary class members. We had gotten a kitten 2 months ago and I never blogged about it. He was Siamese with blue eyes and thought he was human. He followed Dan everywhere and was so much like our little Fifo kitty from Montana. Sadly when we returned from our Oregon trip to help my dad we found that he had gotten run over on Middlefork Rd. in front of our house. This new gray kitty is pretty cute but is a total fraidy cat and a bit schizophrenic so we named him schizo. Grace, the cat whisperer totally tamed him up while she was here. Grace got to drive the go -kart by herself with Dan as a passenger!

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jayna said...

Oh fun pics! Thanks again for taking care of everyone!