Sunday, October 14, 2012

Oregon adventures

While mom and Harold were visiting us we heard from Justin that dad and Flo really needed some help. Their craziness had reached a new level of craziness even for them. Mom said, "let's just go and get things done" and so off we went. Not many ex wives and even fewer new husbands would travel 14 hours by car to go and help out the first husband. Harold you are a good man. I would like to say the 14 hours felt like 6 but I'd be lying. We arrived in Cave Junction around 8pm and crashed at Lexi's for 4 nights. Poor Lexi was moving the next week and everytime she got something cleaned we messed it up again not to mention the loads of dishes she did every day. Lexi, we love you!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING! We did get a lot accomplished in 4 days. I was so mentally exhausted when we got home. I was able to take my dad and get his DL reinstated, get on his bank accounts, go to SS and become his Rep Payee and loads of other things. We barely had time to breathe. We even got dad spruced up a bit with a haircut, shave and a pedicure & manicure. Good times. There is so much more to the story but it would be a novel. We drove 14 back home and stopped in Bend so I could get a new computer (mine had crashed the day before we left) and mom ended up getting a new one too. We looked like Wal-Martians by this point and fit right in.




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