Monday, November 5, 2012

Boise Temple Open House / Curt's Birthday!

We went to Boise to attend the Boise temple open house and to celebrate Curt's birthday. It was bitterly cold that night but we managed to make the best of it. We started off the night having dinner at Goodwood BBQ then off to the temple. The rooms at the temple are just beautiful! I think everyone enjoyed the tour. After seeing the temple we headed to Jayna's house to have birthday cake. On our way there we were pulled over by a cop. We didn't think we had been speeding so we weren't sure why we were being pulled over. Apparently you can't change lanes without signaling. Boy, I guess Dan has dodged about a million other traffic tickets then. Dan asked the cop if he had been to see the temple yet. He said no. Dan proceeded to tell him all about it and that he should take his family. The cop thanked us for the information and we went on our way without a ticket. We finally got to Jayna's (not Gabe & Christy's family though because Benett and Spencer were sick) and quickly sang happy birthday to Curt - he's 27!!! WOW I am officially OLD. Curt and Kallie both had to be up at 4am the next morning to we tried to hurry. Dan had got Curt a gun from Cabelas which I am sure he will enjoy. Unfortunately I did not get many family photos!

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