Wednesday, December 12, 2012


my birthday is special this year because it's on 12.12.12.  Today is a very cool day!   Not just because it's my Birthday, but a once in a lifetime date!  I'm sure the highlight will be going out to eat at one of Garden Valley's finest dining establishments... but still something to behold!

After I posted this and not knowing what my day entailed, I got a call from Christy wishing me a happy birthday and she and the kids were heading up to help me celebrate my birthday. What a wonderful surprise! We had woke to a little snow this morning but it really started to snow after we talked to Christy. I was worried about her driving up here but she came and brought me cupcakes from Sugar Rush and a cute scarf and this ADORABLE Aqua blue coat! I just love it and its warm too. I had just said to Dan last week that I needed a new coat and this is exactly the one I had dreamed up! Brigitte helped me decorate the house for Christmas and Dan played "burrito" with kids. We ate Mac-n-cheese and cupcakes! Tonight Dan is taking me out and then we are going swimming. It's a wonderful birthday! I have received many phone calls and two callers even sang Happy Birthday on the phone.



jayna said...

Happy birthday to a very lovely mom and Grammy! Xoxoxo

Jana said...

How fun! Happy happy birthday Sherry; it was SO great to see you last week. Enjoy your extra special day today!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday Glama! You're so gorgeous and we hope you had a fabulous day! We miss you and hope we'll be up there soon! XOXO