Thursday, December 13, 2012

the tree is up!

This just might be my favorite Christmas tree yet. Although it's hard to beat the ones from when the kids were little with all their cute little ornaments. This year I was in a funk and just felt like I needed a change so I shopped online and came up with this look. I love it! The blue was supposed to be 'Tiffany blue' but oh well, it's still pretty. I gathered up some of our old ornaments and gave each of the kids some of their old ornaments for their trees. I keep forgetting that my kids are all grown up. They will forever be 9, 7, and 4 in my eyes.Their reactions were mixed. Jayna said," but I will miss seeing them on your tree" ; Christy said,"oh no, more ornaments for my kids to play with and drag through the house! ; and Kallie loved that she had some of Curt's ornaments to hang on the tree along with hers.

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