Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's 2013 today!

WOW it's 2013. Another year has come and gone. Went to bed at 11:00. Did not actually see or hear the new year come in. Sending out the old year always makes me a little sad. I'm kinda sentimental and like to hang onto my years. More aches and pains. More forgetful things. Wow it's fun to get another year older. I don't know anyone who wants another year to go by fast except for maybe teenagers and pregnant women. A reminder that our cars are old too. 15 years!!! I kind of liked 2012. It was a good number. Hate to see it go. ahhh well. I feel like I have been in a fog since the day after Christmas. Well actually I have. Maybe I am still. After feeling YUCKY [fever, chills (8 hours straight with my electric blanket on high), sore throat, tired & achy] for 5 days I went to the Dr. here in GV [our first time]; yes Dan was feeling poorly too and decided to join me in my misery. Apparently Dan has thrush (from all the holiday sweets - see I knew he would be punished sooner or later for his sugar addiction) and swimmers ear. I have strep throat along with a virus. We are both on meds now - which they had at the Dr. office. NICE! I have started to take down the Christmas decorations - all but the tree. I will leave it up for a couple more weeks. We hardly got to enjoy them. Time is flying by. This Christmas was in fast-forward motion this year for sure.

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