Wednesday, March 6, 2013

We went to Boise for a 4 day weekend to enjoy our family and to bless baby William. On Friday we were able to attend the temple for the first time since it re-opened. We were meeting Christy there along with Tyler & Jayna. We couldn't find Christy anywhere and we had the whole temple looking for her. We decided to do Sealings since it got too late to do a session. We hoped that Christy had just gotten in early and then we would get out at the same time. It did and we met up in the Celestial room. How wonderful to be in the temple with our girls! On Sat. we ran errands including a quick visit to the chiro. We also delivered recliners to the girls since we had gotten new ones for Valentines day. On Sunday our entire family was together for William's baby blessing. It was just wonderful! Afterwards we all went to Jayna's for a delicious lunch. We had such a great time! I had hoped for some pictures of all 7 grandkids but Benett wasn't feeling well at all - running a high fever. Maybe next time we'll attempt pictures! They had to take Benett to the Dr. again. He is still recovering from RSV and on antibiotics, so the Dr. thinks he has a virus. Here are some pics of our darling little William... who used Grandma's blanket she crocheted for Curtis to be blessed in. How wonderful that all 7 grandkids have been blessed in a blanket hand made by their great great grandmother!


jayna said...

It was so great.. Thanks for all your help! And cute pictures!

Jana said...

It was fun to see you and Jayna in the temple that night - I'm glad you finally found Christy! And how fun to have everyone together for the blessing :).