Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brigham Young's St George Winter House

In 1873 Brigham Young realized for the first time that he, too, was mortal. It was not that he was so old (73) for he wasn't, but the years of heavy physical toil and the stress of even heavier mental burdens began catching up with him. He had arthritis. He knew that for his own sake and for the sake of his people, he must begin taking care of himself. The one thing he dreaded most of all was the cold winters. He was New England born and bred and had been a resident of Salt Lake City for most of his mature life, which should have inured him to the cold, but it hadn't. He realized that he must devise a scheme to avoid it as much as possible. St. George was the solution. Brother Brigham had a special place in his heart for this city. The house served as Brigham Young's Winter Home until his death in 1877.

The small building to the left was used for meetings

 how St. George looked back in the day

 portrait of Brigham Young
 Dan - sporting his beard in honor of the pioneers...

 I love this old piano. It's legs come off so it could be moved in a wagon bed. It's just the right size.

 kitchen stove
 guest bedroom
Brigham Youngs Bedroom - also doubled for his meeting room

 Brigham Young could look out this window and see the progress on the St. George temple.

 the kitchen and dining room

 Brigham Youngs Bed

 a drawing of Jospeh & Hyrum Smith which hung in the house

a drawing of the Salt Lake Temple which hadn't been built yet....

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