Tuesday, April 2, 2013





  Easter weekend was fun filled warm sunny days! It was the warmest weekend I can remember. The kids had two Easter egg hunts - one at the church on Sat. and one in our yard Sun afternoon. We all went to church and I had all the kids in Primary - it was great! Jayna ended up teaching the 4-7 year olds since we had too many kids for one teacher and Christy helped out in the nursery. I pretended to be Mary Magdalene and came out of the time machine along with 3 others. We had great food and played outside in the warm sunshine. We took walks and rode in the go-Karts. Christy even drove one! It was a wonderful time with our family. Note - In the photo of Dan and the 7 grand-kids he is wearing the shirt he got for Christmas that reads 'worlds greatest Papa' .

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