Friday, May 3, 2013

some things never change

Thank Heavens!
My Aunt Barbara's house is exactly the way I remember it as a young child. 

Same dishes, same kitchen table and chairs, same bedrooms, same linens, same nic nacs, same piano, same toys, etc. Some of my earliest (and fondest) memories are playing at her house. I loved playing with the old metal doll house, high chair and stuffed animals. I was afraid to play in the basement alone so I had to drag Jon along (what can a 3 year old protect you from?). I also had my first experience with an electric fence. Let's just say that getting your long hair tangled in a 'hot' electric fence is not something you really want to experience when you are 5. Aunt Barbara's house is always our -potty and get a drink- stop when traveling to and from Utah. My aunt is almost 90 and she still gardens and cans. We call her the energizer bunny! I love you Aunt Barbara!

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